Uplifting Impact Achieves Lead Generation and Increased Sales with HubSpot

Company Overview

Uplifting Impact is a consulting firm that helps leaders and companies create diversity, equity, and inclusion change in their workplaces. Their small in-house marketing team that needed support in generating more leads and selling their programs and online courses.

The Problem

The company wanted to attract more prospects, eventually leading to ticket sales for their summit and online courses and consulting. They had created an email nurture series aimed at people who downloaded their ebook, but they needed to generate more hot leads.


The Solution

In order for Uplifting Impact to generate more leads, Scale at Speed Agency created a free ebook as a lead magnet. Also, we created an active list of people who downloaded the ebook and created an email nurture series in HubSpot.


The Strategy


The first goal was to get as many ebook downloads as possible to gather leads' email addresses. Scale at Speed Agency worked with the client to figure out what would work best for the lead magnet.

The second goal was to use different types of campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to allow users to download the ebook without leaving the page and with minimal effort. Scale at Speed Agency combined this with a classic conversion campaign, which resulted in around 2,000 downloads and even more visits to the page. This audience was valuable for retargeting.


The Results

The open rate on HubSpot was approximately 20% for all emails, and Uplifting Impact achieved their goal of generating more hot leads. They were able to use the leads gathered to do retargeting for their other services, resulting in increased sales.


With Scale at Speed’s help, Uplifting Impact achieved their marketing goals of generating more leads and selling their programs and online courses. By creating a successful lead magnet and using different types of campaigns, they were able to gather leads and do retargeting for their other services.


Work With Us

We here at Scale At Speed have a dedicated and experienced digital marketing team with expertise across creatives and strategic solutions.  We have the know-how to increase your ROI and achieve the growth you want in  measurable ways.